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Week 1 of the 5k running challenge

Hello again, here is the summary of week 1 of my 5k in 12 weeks running challenge. Full post summarising the objective here.

I will be frank, I wasn't sure how the first week will go and it did occur to me that I will quit before I even start. Having the pressure to write this post by the end of the week to show that I indeed did it and I kept my word was a great motivator.

As you might recall from the first post, this past week, I was supposed to run every other day and increase the distance by 0.2k each time. I started the week with a quick Saturday 1k run with my daughter and that was really fun. The weather was great so we did it outside and we finished the 1k in about 7 minutes and we were talking and laughing on the way.

The weather for the rest of the week was back to standard London weather, i.e. rainy and dark. I therefore did the rest of the sessions at the gym. I would put my daughter to school early morning and head to the gym for a run before I head to the office. I did my 1.2k on Monday and that was rather ok, heart rate rising but can still breathe and speak fine. On Wednesday, I did 1.4k in 10 min, slowing down a bit at 1k for a sip of water for a few seconds.

According to the schedule, I was supposed to do another 1.4k on Friday but I felt like I can do a bit more so I kept going. After the usual sip of water at 1k, I continued running until I hit 1.8k where I stopped. I did the total in 12 minutes and 24 seconds. I was breathing a bit heavily towards the end but it wasn't bad at all. That puts me a bit ahead of the schedule and I will try and pick it up from 1.8k next week and will see how that goes.

Overall, I think it was a very good first week. Good progress, and certainly better mental and physical health. I think the thing I enjoyed the most is the fact that I successfully hit the schedule and the feeling that I might actually do it after all :).

Until next week...


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