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Week 2 of the 5k running challenge

Week 2 of my 5k in 12 weeks running challenge is now over and it is time for an update. For those of you who are new here, this is part of a challenge I set for myself at the beginning of 2022, pushing myself to finish training for a 5km race in under 12 weeks - intro here.

This week, not at all unusual for London weather, it was dark, foggy and rainy. I, therefore, ended up doing all my training in the gym again. I generally find running outdoor more fun and distracting so whenever I run indoors I try to listen to something motivating and engaging and I find that helps.

As you might recall, week 1 went better than expected and I managed to hit 1.8km instead of the planned 1.4km, putting me one week ahead of schedule. In week 2, I tried to pick up training from 1.8km, aiming for 2.4km by the end of the week. I managed to hit the gym for three training sessions on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I'm not overly fixated on which days I practice and I try to keep my training schedule flexible to accommodate for any early meetings that I sometimes need to attend.

So starting on Sunday, I managed to hit 2.2km in under 15 minutes. It felt really good to know I can hit 1.8km again and go beyond and it was also a very motivating start to my week.

Thursday's session was even better in terms of outcome. I really surprised myself to 2.8km in less than 20 min burning more than 200 calories on the way. I must admit though, this time around, I struggled a bit to get to 2km and I was seriously thinking about stopping at 1.8km. Once I hit that distance though, it somehow became easier to keep going and it felt really great.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing where I can get this week. The progress curve probably won't be as steep as it has been as I move to longer and longer distances but I'm confident I will make steady progress.

Until next week....


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