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Week 3 of the 5k running challenge

Here we go! Week 3 of my 5k in 12 weeks running challenge comes to an end and, surprise, surprise, I smashed a 3km run just within two weeks from starting! If you are new here, intro to my personal challenge here.

It's January and the weather is not getting any better, the temperature in the early mornings is below zero most days. Since I'm not a fan of running in freezing weather on slippery roads, I've been heading to the gym almost every other day.

For the third week in a row, I managed three sessions a week and I'm still committed to making progress, albeit slightly, every week. I'm no longer following the schedule I put up while planning for this challenge, mostly because I felt I can do better, and so far I have proven that. My challenge now is to improve my performance week on week. I'm still entirely focused on the distance I run rather than any other metric (heart rate, calories, time, etc). I will probably start introducing other measures once I run 5km frequently and comfortably.

The first time I hit 3k this week was on Sunday, my daughter goes to practice gymnastics at the same gym so I had enough time to run and do some other exercises. I managed to hit 3km in about 20 min. I spent about half of the time on a phone call which was reassuring as it meant I can comfortably run and talk and it was a great way to distract myself from focusing on the distance counter, which is usually a bit frustrating.

My next session was on Wed (it was a very busy week so had to skip two days). Hitting the gym for a morning run again, I spent the first 20 minutes on the treadmill hitting another 3km. It was a bit harder this time as I didn't have my sister distracting me on the other end of the line. Still, I kept telling myself that I'd done it and should be able to do it again, and that worked.

The last session of the week was on Friday. This time round, and with the help of a podcast I started listening to, I ran 3.2km in almost the same time it took me to complete 3km, the longest so far in the shortest period! It felt great but also a bit intimidating as it meant I now have a new record to hit.

I feel I have a big challenge to overcome this week. Beating my 3.2km won't be easy and I'm planning to beat it at least once this week. Let's see how that goes.

Until next week....


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