• Noor Shaker

Why I started blogging

Six years ago, my mother passed away after a long fight against lung cancer. Losing her was by far the most dramatic event of my life. Since then my life has never been the same. I dropped my assistant professorship in AI in computer games to become a biotech entrepreneur working on advancing AI to find medicines for debilitating diseases, and I continued to raise my daughter to the best I can.

The loss of a mother is not like any others, you don't just lose the person's existence in your everyday life, you also lose someone who can give unconditionally and perhaps the only person who can give the most honest, transparent advice and who share experience in full, successes and failures.

My mother passed away young and unexpectedly. She was around 50 when she was first diagnosed and she fought tirelessly for almost 5 years. I increasingly find myself wanting to reach out to her for advice or wanting to hear her opinion on matters of everyday life. I increasingly find myself realising how little time I had with her and how very little I know about her, and while her legacy will always remain in our hearts, I wish there were more of her that remains accessible to us.

I do not wish for my daughter to live the same experience and feel the same loneliness while we now have the mediums to express ourselves and share our learnings with the world. I therefore decided to share some of the lessons I find worthwhile sharing hoping that my daughter and perhaps some others will find useful stories and insights that help guide the way.

For life and love never lost,

for my past and future Amal